New Shoes

It was about time I treated myself to now one but two pairs of a bit more elegant shoes. I have to admit, when it comes to shoes, my motto is comfort before beauty because I have wide feet:P Because of this, I often didn't wear high heels at all because they made walking an unbearable task, let alone dancing, so I just usually stuck to ballerinas (hey, if they worked for Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot...), a bit more elegant sneakers and flats, any kind of flats. Flat sandals, flat booties, flat boots, flip-flops... Which sucked! Big time.

Then I discovered the labels Ovye and Zara Trafaluc. They have surprisingly comfortable high-heeled shoes which are apropriate for wide feet and what is more important, I can actually stick my feet into them. No blisters. No gritted teeth. No tired legs. Where have you been all my life?!

So, like I said before I had treated myself to two new pairs of shoes, the first label is Zara Trafaluc. They are black high-heeled suede booties that are fantastically comfortable, easy to walk in due to the platforms and are very easy to mix and match with all kinds of other pieces of my wardrobe. I love them and I know I am going to wear them a lot, so it was a good purchase:)


 The second pair of shoes are actually leather boots which I love, I got them on sale at a bargain price. The label is Guess and they are super comfortable. The leather feels like butter and because it's such a lovely neutral color I know that I am going to wear them a lot, so it was definitely a good purchase. I love how easy they are to put on, they have a cute zipper on the back which goes all the way to the top. I have to admit that that's why I bought them. You don't see many boots with a long zipper at the back. I thought that was really pretty.   


Happy Easter everybody!