DIY: Pimp Up my Boring Brown Paper Bag

I haven't done any DIY posts in a while, so I think now is the perfect opportunity because there are a lot o birthdays in May and this way, you will be able to give something completely unique and awesome and your friend is going to treasure your brown paper bag forever!

First, you'll need an ordinary brown paper bag:

Sketch the image of your choice on the brown paper bag with a No2 pencil:

Then trace the lines with a permanent marker, I used Staedtler Lumocolor Permanent Marker:

Erase the traces of the No2 pencil with an eraser aka rubber and start coloring them. I used Caran d'Ache ARTIST Supracolor Soft coloring pencils. They are high-quality water-soluble coloring pencils and they're awesome, I'd really recommend them!
For an edgy look, don't color the image perfectly, actually try do to an imperfect job, it makes it look even more interesting;)

And it's done!

''Vse najboljše'' means ''Happy Birthday'' in Slovene:)

Hope you like this post, let me know!


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