Tutorial: How to Take Part in a Blogger Giveaway and How to Properly Post a Comment

I was inspired for this post by panicky phone calls that I got from my friend's friends that they would really really like to take part in my giveaway but simply cannot manage to post a comment. At all. And what should they click on? And which profile should they choose? And when they did choose a profile, the whole comment dissappears. What's the hell is going on?

Okay, here it goes - how to post a comment on a blog for a giveaway:
  1. Click on ''comments'' below the post
  2. A window opens up. You enter your comment with your email address because otherwise I cannot contact you in case you win the giveaway
  3. Under the comment window, besides ''comment as'' it says ''select a profile''
  4. If you have a gmail address, choose ''Google Account'' (NOTE: if you have a hotmail, a yahoo or a more exotic email address, you cannot comment as a Google Account because for a Google Account, you have to have a Google Address, which is what gmail is - GoogleMail
  5. If you have an ''exotic'', so a non-gmail address, you can choose to comment under an ''Anonymus'' profile
  6. Click ''publish''
  7. A window pops up and say that ''Comment will be visible after approval'' - that doesn't mean that your comment has ''disapeared'' or that I didn't receive it, it simply means that I have to okay your comment, in case it is spam or innapropriate.
  8. Give the comment (read: me) the time ro reappear on my blog
  9. You're done:)
I hope you found this post helpful and I hope it answered all your questions:)

Enjoy the Friday!


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