My Road Trip to Dubrovnik

I have been waiting for this road trip for a year now, and it was fabulous. I love road trips because I always do them with a friend of mine and that makes the trip even more fun:) This road trip (route Ljubljana-Dubrovnik) lasted for about 7,5 hours, and we had done about 660 kilometers in one way, traveling through Bosnia (this is the part when people from the West start freaking out and start wondering how come I'm still alive and writing about this). The weather was really hot (the kind that makes your sweat sticky and your clothes clingy) and we were really tired but it was so worth it. Here are a few snapshots from the trip.

 Having a nice lunch in Bosnia. The meat is called čevapčiči.
 Dubrovnik by night

Does the fortress look familiar? It was a shooting location for the Game of Thrones Season 3.
Check out the clip below:)



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