Vintage Photo #2

Whenever I start rummaging among the old photos in our family album, I feel like a detective in Stieg Larsson thriller. Okay, maybe by saying this I overdo it, but it does give me the kind of rush that I expect a detective would feel after putting together the missing pieces of a puzzle.

What drew me to this photograph was the woman. She looks so poised with her arm wrapped protectively around the baby boy, her face soft and graceful. I wonder what story is hidden behind those eyes?

Then, I noticed her fashionably oversized coat, trimmed with, I'm guessing real fur. I love the richness of the collar, I think any woman would look regal in such a coat. I think the shiny material the coat is made of could be velvet, but I'm not sure. The gorgeous brooches on the waist of the coat really add the finishing touch. Are those x-s or butterflies on them? Every time I look at this photo, I just want to hold these brooches and feel their cold weight in my hand.

The people on some photos in my old photo album are of course family, whereas some photos are those of complete strangers, their identity forever lost in history. The only thing I know about this photo for sure, is that it was taken in 1926 in Bitonto, Italy because there is a stamp on the back of this photograph.

Have a happy weekend!

Teja xoxox

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