The Best Valentine's Day Gift Ever

Hello, lovelies, Valentine's Day is fast approaching and as such, we need the perfect present for our honey, don't we? Okay, now I ask you this: What kinds of presents are the best kind of presents?

You're probably wondering: ''Well, you tell me, Teja, you're the one that has 'The Best Valentine's Day Gift Ever' post title, I'm just a lost cause, looking for the perfect last minute Valentine's Day present.''

Well, you're in luck my friend, and here's my answer to the not-so-rhetoric question above: the best presents are the kinds when you and your honey are... doing something. Together. Something that only you two intimately share, something that only deepens your love and respect for another.

You say: ''Something intimate... ummm... we both get a super secret tattoo on a super secret place on out body?''
Me: ''Not really.''
You: ''Oh, my God, we get One Direction concert tickets and then we sweat together in the crowd?''
Me: ''No!!!''
You: ''We get a framed underwater selfie of the two of us scuba diving in the Maldives?''
Me: ''Nope.''
You:'' What?? Tell me, Teja!''
Me: ''You both get a gift set and then you both create bow ties from old pieces of fabric according to the instructions provided.''
You: ''Bow ties?! Are you serious? Like recycling?''
Me: ''Actually, the technical term here is upcycling.''
You: ''Hmmm...Intimate upcycling of bow ties for just the two of us. I like it!!!''
Me: ''I knew you would.''

These special, über-cool gift sets are the brain child of none other than Ema Bavcon from EB Redesign, yup the one I had a blogger meeting with, (check out my old post here) and another fashion blogger Kaja from, the woman behind the Petite Deco Label

What do we get, when two fabulously creative people such as Ema and Kaja team up?
We get this:

The best part of this is that they come in these super cute little packages called METULJČEK VALENTIN, ZANJO IN ZANJ (Eng: The Valentine Bow tie, for Him and for Her)  that your honey will be dying to get their hands on:

You say: ''But where can I buy these fabulous git sets?''

That's an easy one. You go to any of these places:
Babushka Boutique, Ljubljana
Mladinska knjiga Konzorcij, Ljubljana
Mladinska knjiga Qlandia, Nova Gorica
Mladinska knjiga Qlandia, Kranj
Mladinska knjiga Žalec
Trgovinica Rozalka, Celje

You say: ''But what if I'm not from Slovenia and I want the perfect Valentine's present to be shipped to me and my honey?''

You simply contact the two artisans:

Ema Bavcon:


Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Teja xoxox

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