Winter Wonderland

The weather has been crazy over here lately. First, there's been really warm (so warm in fact that I had to start wearing my fall jacket) and then it got really really cold. Then it rained. And now it has snowed... but mostly, what was falling from the sky was something between ice and water and it came with certain repercussions.

When I was waiting for the bus, this really big branch broke off with a loud snap behind me, crashing on an electric wire and then it landed on the ground with a thud, just a few steps away from me.

The firefighter and ambulance sirens have been wailing the entire day today, because that tree branch apparently wasn't the only branch that had given out under the weight of heavy ice.

Despite everything however, I managed to make a few beautiful photos with my phone:

I also instagrammed  the following photos:)


Teja xoxo

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