Spring Inspired

 Finally, I've found enough time for blogging! OMG, it's been an eternity. Promise to blog more:) After a long very winter-like week, the sun finally came out and it got really warm. All of a sudden, all my winter sleepiness went away and I was bursting with energy.

During the photoshoot, the light was just superb and the photos were taken with the sun in the background, contrary to the popular belief, that a person should be facing sun. Well, I wasn't. And I think that the result of the photos was just amazing. I didn't use any camera filters, all the light you see on the photos is just natural sunlight:)
Vintage necklaces
Petit Bateau Sweatshirt
Vintage Belt - MojeTvoje
Tights - Calzedonia
Parka - ZOOO


Teja xoxo

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