TUTORIAL: How to Display your Jewelry

I love my jewelry, I've been loving it since I was about 13. Being a teenager in the 90s, with the whole grunge thing going on, I was actually into more ethnic stuff, with some elements borrowed from grunge, like... the rings. I remember having my fingers seriously blinged out, even for school; one teacher even commented: ''Teja, do you really need so many rings on your fingers?'' And my answer was: ''Hell, yeah, Miss!'' Well, I didn't actually say it into my teacher's face, because my parents would have killed me, but... I totally thought it!

Then, in my late teens, my ring period came to its natural end and after that I remember being seriously into earrings. The dangling ones. So much that one of my classmates asked me how many pairs of earrings I actually had. ''Seriously, Teja, how many? Like, forty?'' she'd ask.

''Seriously? Like, I don't know, okay?!'' Who keeps count of these things? It's not like they were  made of gold or diamonds or anything. They were ordinary bijoux earrings... and I think it's pretty safe to say, even though over the years, I had given like a half of them away to my friends, I still haven't got a damn clue just how many pairs of earrings I still have. Definitely less than in high school.

Now, in my late twenties, after outgrowing my dangling earrings period and developing a slight allergy to my beloved bijoux earrings (I'm going to miss you guys *sniff*), I only wear stud earrings made of either silver or gold. It's so strange, I feel more grown up and all of a sudden the feeling of having something dangling from my ears, which is by the way something I used to love, does not feel so great and awesome anymore. They bother me now.

Now, it's safe to say that I'm into necklaces. All kinds:)

Having said all that, you can only guess how much bling I've accumulated over the last 15 years. My answer is: I have no idea. I mean being the accessory addict that I used to be, my friends would also buy me bijoux jewelry for birthdays and stuff, so I finally had to ask them to stop because I seriously seriously had too much jewelry on my hands.

Necessity is the mother of invention they say and having one too many pieces of jewelry, I had developed several clever strategies of displaying all my bling bling in a fresh and interesting way. I hope you like it.
This is without a doubt one of the most original ways of displaying your bling: 
find an old crystal dish or a bowl and 
sprinkle as many petals from your favorite flower as you possibly can. 
Put some bling on top and: voila! 
I've actually picked up this trick while visiting an art fair.
 I remember two girls selling rings in a plain box filled with rice.
 I thought I'd upgrade it with crystal:) 
This was originally a decoration piece thought to simply hand on a wall, like a painting, 
and I thought to myself: why not create an earring stand?
Look what I found among my grandma's stuff: it's an old crystal snack plate, 
dating probably back to 1960s.
And I thought to myself: Why not display my everyday jewelry in it?


Teja xoxo

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