DIY My Christmas card!

This holidays I wanted to send my friends from all over the world something really unique, therefore I've decided to make unique Christmas cards.

To make them, you'll need:

-some Christmas themed washi tape that you can purchase either at the Rayher, Levček or in Antus arts and crafts shop (Washi tape is usually sold in 10-15 m rolls and it costs around 3 euros)
-some opaque paper that you can purchase in any school supply store in Slovenia (Sl. ''pavs papir''), it costs 20 cents apiece in Mladinska Knjiga
-some ''kraftpaper'' as the Americans call it, any 200 g paper will do (Sl. ''šeleshamer''), it costs 99 cents per A6 format in Mueller
-paper clips
-black gel liner
-star shaped stickers
1. In a Word Document, design a single table which is going to be the outline of your Christmas card. Make sure you've measured the height and the width of the letter beforehand. The outline of your Christmas card should measure a centimeter less than your letter.
2. Now the fun part: choosing the font:) My favorite ones are Jane Austen (see above), Praying Angel, Made with B, Tamoro Script, Allura and Beyond Wonderland. To find them, just google ''ee Fonts.'' But any calligraphy-ish font will do, they look so christmasy!
3. Cut out the outline of your Christmas card and place it onto the kraftpaper, fastening it with paperclips. Cut the remaining kraftpaper off.
4. Decorate the edges of your card with some Christmas washi tape. Make sure that while you're taping one side of the card, the other three are securely fastened with paperclips. Fold the washi tape behind the card.
5. And voila! It's done! Now you can put some stickers on, or draw some snowflakes with gel liner, the possibilities are infinite, have fun with it!

SOUL FISHING TIP: Because the washi tape is quite weak, I'd suggest placing the finished Christmas cards onto the last page of a really thick book, so it weights everything down and makes the tape really stick to the card.

I hope you've enjoyed this post:) What kind of DIY were you up to this Christmas?


Teja xoxox

PS You can still enter my Christmas card giveaway here.